The director says Dragon's Dogma 2 is heavily inspired by GTA V

Dragon's Doctrine 2, Capcom's upcoming open-world fantasy RPG is Sounds like it's going to be something special. And while you might expect a game with swords, wizards, dragons, and other high-fantasy concepts to be inspired by something like… Dungeons and Dragons or Lord of the ringsThe game's director cited a very surprising inspiration: Grand Theft Auto V.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar, Dragon's Doctrine 2 Director Hideaki Itsuno was asked about his personal inspiration when developing the highly anticipated RPG sequel. According to him, Rockstar's popular open world crime simulator, GTA V, He was a “huge inspiration.”

GTA V “She was a huge inspiration to me in how she managed to combine multiple emerging gameplay systems into a satisfying experience that felt free for the player in terms of their freedom in what they could choose to do,” Itsuno said.

The director expanded on this GTA V It features a lot of “flexibility” in how it allows players to interact with different events and actions within the game. One example Itsuno gives is how you can do something—such as overpower the police or rob a bank—and how that can get out of control and interfere with other events and areas in the surrounding world.


“The game manages that,” Itsuno said. “It doesn't get stuck, it doesn't kick you out of one thing and put you into another, it just lets everything blend together in a way that is of course sometimes chaotic, but always seems to be intentional.”

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According to Itsuno, he admired this kind of “intentionality in the emergent gameplay and open-world design” when GTA V Launched. the original Dragon's Doctrine It was known for its diverse systems, interactions, and freedom it offered players. And according to Itsuno, you can expect more of that in Part 2 thanks GTA V Which inspired him to push the emerging RPG gameplay even further.

“This type of experience is something I aimed to provide Dragon's Doctrine 2Itsuno said.

Dragon's Doctrine 2 It will be released on PS5, Xbox Series


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