‘Big Brother’ star Ciri Fields is ‘amazed’ by Felicia’s nails

You would think that any player on any reality competition show would be smart enough to want to take a legend like Siri Fields out of the game – knowing how dangerous she is. The reality TV icon did a deep dive on three out of four Survivor seasons and followed this up by winning the first season of Traitors.

But even with that huge target on her back, Siri still managed to make it to Day 93 Big brother. Ciri was the 17th special surprise guest of season 25, and had a secret relationship with her son Jared Fields, which only one person, Izzie Gleacher, discovered. These three formed a powerful alliance that seemed to run the game until America Lopez and Corey Fortenberger flipped the script.

However, Cirie managed to survive and barely touched the building before exiting in Thursday’s live eviction episode. how Survivor Powerful Cirie evaluates her own game in Big brother a house? How do strategies differ between the two games? Which of her BB housemates do you think would be the best on the island? Will you enter this house again for another try? We asked Siri all that and more on her way to the jury house.

Siri Fields in Season 25 of Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Analyze your own game this season: What did you do well and what didn’t you do well?

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Siri fields: Oh, my God. What I did well was establish my social relationships. I always do a good job of forming relationships with people. This wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was managing my alliances and sharing information within those alliances. This was harder than I had ever experienced before because… Big brother At home, information is like trains on the subway – it comes and goes every 10 minutes, and I wasn’t prepared for it.

What is the biggest difference between strategic play Big brother And Survivor?

on Survivor, you can form an alliance on the first day – even a group of people in an alliance – which will save and preserve your entire game time. While in Big brother, you have to play almost week after week and day after day. Even as alliances and connections are formed, they come and go, all the while SurvivorThey are sustainable, in my opinion.

Siri Fields in Season 25 of Big Brother.

Any of you Big brother Housemates will be better off Survivor?

I think Reid will do excellently Survivor Because Red has a skill set that would be perfect for him Survivorand Red also has a social strategy – social game that would be great Survivor. I really connected with Red. There are a lot of people in the house who are attached to Red. But in one situation with Reed, Cameron and Jared, Reed would have gone far in this match. So I think red would be perfect Survivor player.

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Reid Utley on Season 25 of Big Brother.

I played Survivor four times. Do you play Big brother once again?

I don’t think my mental stamina is there to play Big brother once again. Survivor Now it’s a shorter game. It was even shorter when it was 39 days of struggle, stress and stress [here]. I feel like I’m 10 years old playing Big brother For 93 days, I don’t know that I can handle 10 more days of playing Big brother. Consistent vice grip on your mind in Big brother The game is not something I look forward to doing again. I appreciate the opportunity and experience, but I will succeed.

Ceri Fields and Felicia Cannon in Season 25 of Big Brother.

Finally, what’s the worst thing Felicia has done in your bed this season?

Can we talk about boundaries? Felicia had no boundaries when it came to me in my personal space. Because I’m 53 and have been to the area a few times, but I did never I met a person or persons who would even take the liberty of examining their feet in my presence, or more or less cutting their toenails or putting them on my bed! The only personal space you get in a game like this is your bed. Everything else is community property. Felicia took the liberty of filing her toenails.

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I hate feet. I have a thing with feet. And for those of you who love feet, more power to you. I’m not judging you. I have a thing with feet. And you…I never did that. “Amazed” is not a strong enough word to explain how I felt when I saw Felicia filing her toenails on my blanket on my bed. I should have known then – you can’t trust Felicia. Anyone who takes the liberty of clipping or filing their toenails on your bed sheet is someone you should never trust with anything at all.

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