Kanye West is training with Travis Scott, signs point to performing together

8:45 AM PT – It turns out that Kanye arrived at the show… and he was wearing a Jason mask, too.

Kanye West is on his Travis Scott tour at Circus Maximus in Orlando tonight pic.twitter.com/vGDYToI1Sz

β€” yzyupdates (@yzyupdates) February 1, 2024

Question…was he chopping and dicing on the mic??? πŸ˜…

Kanye West And Travis Scott It looks like they're ready to take the stage together tonight at Travis' concert in Orlando…and Kanye's got a wild look that would make Jason Voorhees blush.

Travis is scheduled to perform Wednesday night at the Kia Center in Orlando as part of his Circus Maximus tour β€” and videos from the venue appear to show Kanye rehearsing some songs on stage… which has a lot of people excited about a potential performance tonight.

Kanye is training tonight pic.twitter.com/VnTsHh5XCC

– Rih (@RihYe_) February 1, 2024

There are various reports of sightings of Ye flying and landing in Florida from Los Angeles earlier in the day… and he even posted a photo on his Instagram story showing him wearing an old-school hockey mask.

Check it out… Looks like Kanye is channeling some serious Camp Crystal Lake vibes.

Not only did Ye post snapshots of himself at the airport β€” with some fans flocking to him for autographs as he walked by β€” but he also dropped a clear shot of the mask itself.

Considering his affinity for face coverings in recent years…this might be his new favorite.

Anyway, it's unclear if Yeezy will rock this mask on stage with Travis β€” assuming he'll get up there at all, because you never know with KW β€” but he's definitely got the internet buzzing, drumming up a bunch of attention.

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Travis has been mostly performing his latest studio album, β€œUtopia,” on tour recently β€” and previously released Drake On one of the tour stops in Canada…they perform one of their collaborative works from the album.

FWIW, Kanye didn't appear on “Utopia” but he has recorded several songs with Travis over the years… and when Travis performed in Rome in August on the heels of the album's release, Yeezy joined him on stage. In other words, a sudden pop-up is not out of the question.


We should also note…that TS himself is tipping the possibility of taking to the stage with him at some point tonight – so all signs point to this happening fairly soon.

If that happens, it will be interesting to see what they prepare for Orlando fans. In the same vein, you have to wonder how Travis' fans might receive Ye.

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