“No time to lose”: Relatives of hostages demand deal to free them

Relatives of Keith Siegel and Omri Miron held a news conference on Monday to demand an immediate agreement on the return of the hostages held by Hamas.

Elan Siegel, daughter of hostage Keith Siegel, said: “Eighteen leaders around the world have sent a letter demanding the immediate release of all hostages, and I'm asking everyone to stop talking and start acting”. “We're losing people who are still alive, and there's no time to lose,” said Ellen Siegel. “We know a deal is possible,” he added. Omri Meeran's wife wants her husband released so she can be reunited with her two young daughters. “No child should be forced to grow up with the distant memory of a father captured in a photograph,” said Lishai Lavi-Miran, “Let's finish the deal on the table to bring back the hostages, end hostilities, agree to a cease-fire and allow us to celebrate Israel's Independence Day next month with our loved ones gathered in Israel.” Difficult negotiations take place under Egypt, leading to a period of “prolonged peace” in exchange for the release of the hostages. “We are optimistic,” said Sameh Choukry, the head of Egyptian diplomacy in Riyadh, confirming that the plan took into account “the positions of both parties” and tried to “show moderation.”

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