Bethesda isn’t happy about “Starfield” leaks from copy reviews

This week I noticed Bethesda doing something unusual for its history, offering revision copies of Starfield a full two weeks early, and giving them away to a lot of content creators big and small, as well as the press.

But with two weeks left for all those copies to end, there will be some Starfield leaks, and however slight they may be, Bethesda still isn’t happy that they ever happened. Matt FarryYesterday, Bethesda’s director of public relations tweeted the following:

It’s not entirely clear what exactly he’s referring to, but yesterday’s rhetoric got really dumb about the game’s title screen leaking out and being…a planet, the Starfield logo, and some menu options. This may be the “small no-nonsense” kind he’s referring to here. Former Diablo 2 developer Mark Kern, recently fired from Red 5, the maker of Firefall, tweeted about how the simplified title screen is “quick shipping deadlines” or “a team that doesn’t care” and proceeded to roast it all day. Some PlayStation fans have also seized on the leak to make similar points.

This, of course, was very stupid, and everyone started sharing the title screens of a lot of other games from Skyrim to Elden Ring with simple title screens that nobody really cared about.

The only recent drama I can remember seeing was a creator (I won’t name him) sharing impressions of his first 15 hours in the game in a leaked Discord (which I won’t discuss). Supposedly there were some story leaks but I didn’t read it or plan to, so I don’t even know how accurate it is.

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While this was inevitable with so many review copies out there for so long, I hope Bethesda doesn’t change this very good policy for how these codes are distributed. Definitely spoil those who leaked but this was a great way to give enough time to review the game.

Like I said before, the only thing people with review copies are ever allowed to share is the block date, August 31st at 12pm ET. There are no impressions and no screenshots, including title screens, no matter how small. Because as you can see, even the title screen It can create very stupid drama around a release when people overlook any piece of content from such a big game.

I hope we don’t see any more leaks in the next 10 days here, though I wouldn’t be too shocked. If there are any, we hope they remain small rather than large.

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