Bernie Sanders' Warning to Joe Biden for Presidential Campaign

Obstacles for Biden and Trump on the Road to the Presidential Election

To do this, Bernie Sanders called on Franklin D. Refers to Roosevelt's speech.I see one-third of a nation poorly housed, poorly clothed, and poorly fed”, so quoted Bernie Sanders. He thus emphasizes the need for the president to put the US economy at the center of his concerns. A concern he absolutely must highlight in his State of the Union address to Congress this Thursday, March 7, in the face of political opposition.

Early in his term, President Biden sought to implement a large number of social laws, particularly regarding health care. But he soon ran into Republican opposition. “The bubble is extraordinary! Democrats think that if we simply explain everything we've accomplished, people will join us. But today the suffering of ordinary people is not taken into account. He must present a progressive plan that meets the needs of workers and, if he has a Democratic majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, pledge to implement it in the first months of his term.”, explains the senator in an interview with the Washington Post.

Bernie Sanders also showed his support for the Democratic nominee, whom he would happily advise on a second term. “President Biden and Senator Sanders have had a strong partnership since the 2020 primaries. Their coalition on the need to fight for working families and oppose pro-big business Republicans was evident in the president's State of the Union address.” the White House said in a statement.

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