Gal Gadot gave birth to her fourth daughter, Uri

“Wonder Woman” Actress Gal Gadot welcomed another bundle of joy to her gang of girls with husband Jaron Varsano. Gadot announced it Instagram On March 6 in a loving post with a very special meaning.

Gadot told her fans that her pregnancy wasn't easy.

“My beautiful girl, hello.” Gadot wrote in the post. “Pregnancy was not easy and we made it work.”

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What is the name of Gadot's new baby girl?

In the post, the actress revealed her daughter's name.

“You have brought so much light into our lives, living up to your name, Uri, which means ‘my light’ in Hebrew. Our hearts are filled with gratitude,” Gadot wrote.

Gadot ended the post by quipping that her family is female-dominated.

“Welcome to the girls' house, daddy is so cool too,” she wrote.

Gal Gadot says she “loves giving birth” in a candid 2022 interview

In an interview with In style In 2022, Gadot spoke about being crowned Miss Israel in 2004, her frustration with English when she applied to Miss Universe and joined the Israel Defense Forces as a combat instructor. She also talked about meeting her husband, studying law, and then becoming an actress.

At the time of the interview, Gadot had just given birth to her third daughter. Gadot said she is enjoying the birth experience.

“I love giving birth. I would do it once a week if I could. It's so magical,” Gadot told InStyle. “I always have an epidural, to be fair, so it's not too painful. The moment you feel like you're creating life, it's incredible.”

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The former pageant queen admitted that even for her, pregnancy is not easy.

“Pregnancies are hard for me — I feel sick and have migraines. I'm not in my element,” Gadot said.

Gadot adds another member to her gang of girls

It's all about girl power in the Gal Gadot house.

Although Gadot prefers to keep her daughter out of the spotlight, in recent years she has become more outspoken when talking about motherhood.

In an interview with InStyle, the star said she always wanted to start a family at a young age.

“I started young. I was 25 when I was pregnant with Alma. I always wanted to be a young mother,” Gadot said.

How many children does Gadot have?

Ori joins her three sisters:

  • Alma was born in 2011
  • Maya, born in 2017
  • Daniela, born in 2021

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