Emmanuel Macron: “We are experiencing the end of abundance”

“It’s a big change,” warned the head of state, returning to a recent “series of severe crises” from Ukraine to drought, before returning to school at the Council of Ministers. ‘Elysium.

“The moment in which we live may seem to be framed by a series of severe crises (…) and some may consider our destiny to be always managing crises or emergencies. For my part, I believe that this is the case. We are going through the sequence of a great transition or a great upheaval,” said Emmanuel Macron in a letter to ministers. said during a special broadcast address.

Faced with this situation, “our comrades can act with great concern”, he called on members of the government to “say things”, “name with great clarity without disaster”.

“I expect the government to honor the word we gave and the commitments we made to the nation,” he added.

“What I believe we can do in the coming weeks and months is to reaffirm the very strong unity of the government, of the majority powers, around a course that allows us to consolidate our sovereignty, our French and European freedoms.” ” he added.

Faced with the “rise of liberal regimes” and the “strengthening of authoritarian regimes”, the president called on ministers to be “serious”, “credible” and not succumb to the temptation of “dialectism”.

“It’s easy to promise anything and everything, and sometimes it’s easy to say nothing. Don’t give in to these temptations, it’s dialectic. The complicated world is scary. It may always seem attractive to tell people what they want to hear (… ) but first you have to ask yourself if it’s effective and useful,” he said. He added without citing specific examples.

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