Ben Affleck reveals dating rumors with Sunset Sale star Emma Hernan

Beatrice Colon

Ben Affleck He is a committed and committed man, and He’s officially putting the rumors about his dating date to rest.

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Soon after his long-awaited second engagement to Jennifer Lopezwith the proposal of a huge green diamond ring, Talk about dating history and time spent on dating apps is starting to spread.

The rumors were exacerbated when sunset sale The fifth season came with a bang, and the actor put on the spot when A cast member claimed that she exchanged flirtation scripts with him Before he is reunited with his now fiancee.

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The app in question is Raya, an uber-exclusive dating app usually intended for celebrities, influencers, and others who have a large following on social media.

Emma Hernanwho first joined the popular reality show about real estate agency The Oppenheim Group, revealed to his fellow agent chrychel stows During the fifth episode of the season she matched the 49-year-old on Raya TV.

She revealed: “He may or may not have texted me,” and suggested to him: “You may or may not have asked for coffee many times.”

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Emma became fast friends with Chrishel when she joined the show in its fourth season

The reality star claimed that they had never met in person, despite being linked with the fact that both had previously lived in Boston when they first met in 2019.

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Now a father of three is making things clear, and he has told one of his representatives People That: “Raya confirmed that he had not been an active member for several years.”

jlo-ben-affleck engagement house - Los Angeles

JLo and Ben were recently spotted searching for homes to buy, including a historic property in Los Angeles

was previously Spread quickly for another interaction on the appWhen a selfie video was leaked he supposedly sent it to someone where he spoke closely to the camera claiming that his profile was real.

He mocked the rumors and tried to turn his participation in the app into a good cause, joking: “HA, you got me. I’m dating,” On Instagram and later joined the app, write: “I’m donating today because there are people who fight addiction every day and don’t have the resources and need help. raya, are you a subscriber? Who else is with me? Click the link in my bio to donate.”

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