The son of late KTLA reporter Sam Rubin shares a painful on-air tribute


The teenage son of beloved entertainment reporter Sam Rubin gave an emotional on-air tribute to his late father from his father’s seat at the KTLA anchor desk just three days after the television journalist died unexpectedly.

Colby Rubin, 16, delivered the heart-wrenching message addressed to his father during Monday’s broadcast on KTLAWhere his father worked for more than three decades.

“Hey dad, I wrote this under the desk in your cubicle where you were watching me sleep, but you weren’t there to wake me up this time,” Colby read, looking directly into the camera.

“Dad, I can’t believe you’re gone.”

Colby Rubin, 16, delivered the heart-wrenching message addressed to his father, who died of a heart attack at age 64 on Friday, during a Monday broadcast on KTLA.

“You’ll never pick me up from school again. We’ll never be able to ride a bike. We’ll never argue about food. You’ll never be at my wedding. I can’t believe you’re gone,” he said, choking up sometimes. “I love you so much. On the day you die, I hope you heard me say that.

Colby shared how his father, who died of a heart attack on Friday, was his biggest supporter and was always there whether it was taking him to Boy Scouts, Disney trips, physical therapy appointments, or even picking him up from his sleepover at 3 a.m.

“You were an incredible father and friend. On our car trips, you taught me so much about life — about your job, and how you can wake up every day and do what you love,” he continued.

“I loved you and you will always be my hero. I never should have told you that and I’m so sorry, Dad.”

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The teenager said his father always encouraged him and exchanged text messages between them to show his father’s constant support and advice.

“You encouraged me, loved me every day, and built me ​​up. I am exactly who I am because of you,” Colby read.

“I loved you and you will always be my hero. And I never told you that and I’m so sorry, Dad,” Colby read.

“Dad, I am so proud to be your son. I have had more fathers in 16 years than some people have in a lifetime and I am so grateful. You are a beautiful human being and we will never forget you,” he said, thanking everyone who reached out to support the family.

The message left his father’s KTLA co-workers teary-eyed as they remembered their co-worker and his deep love for his family while sitting next to his son.

The message left his father’s KTLA colleagues teary-eyed as Colby sat in his father’s chair at the anchor desk.

Robin has worked at the Los Angeles station since 1991 and has become a fixture on the red carpet, interviewing stars and receiving numerous awards throughout his career.

“He never left,” Colby said. “He has an online footprint for over 30 years, so I always have a place to turn.”

Sam Rubin died of a heart attack on Friday. He was 64 years old. WireImage for Artists Project

Colby said his family has received a great deal of support and words of comfort since his father’s death, even from people abroad.

In addition to his son Colby, Robin is survived by his wife Leslie and their three other children, Rory, Perry and Darcy.

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