Arnold Schwarzenegger’s granddaughter is more obsessed with his pet horses than she is with him


When it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s grandchildren and his love of animals, it turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Schwarzenegger — who is the grandfather of Chris Pratt’s daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger’s two children, Lily and Eloise — says three-year-old Lily is particularly fond of his many pets, which include a dog, a miniature horse, a donkey and a pig.

The former California governor said that when Layla comes to visit him the people In an interview published on Saturday, “The first thing Laila will say is, ‘Where’s Sherri?’ He is my little dog. “Cherry is waiting for you,” I say.

He continued to share more about what Layla and her mother would talk about, and also revealed that his granddaughter calls him “Oba,” which is the German word for grandfather.

“‘Mom, can we go see Oppa, see Cherry?’ ‘Sure, we’ll go tomorrow.’ ‘They came in: ‘Cherry, cherry, cherry,’” Schwarzenegger told the publication, adding that Layla “carried Cherry in her lap.”

But to Layla’s delight, the septuagenarian star has a whole host of pets in addition to Cherry, including a pig called Schnelle, a miniature horse called Whiskey, and a miniature donkey called Lulu.

“Then you bring the pig and then you love the pig and you feed it,” Schwarzenegger described. “Then I said ‘Do you want to go out?’ Let’s go out to the stable and see the horses.’ Well, he takes my hand and then we go out into the fields and she goes to the stables and visits the horses.

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