Angry moviegoer slams 63-year-old man into Florida AMC theater on VIP seat beef


July 20, 2023 | 11:49 p.m

This was an action packed scene.

Authorities said an angry moviegoer was caught on tape hitting a colleague on a seat at a Florida theater earlier this month.

The unidentified suspect apparently threw several punches at a 63-year-old man who stumbled to the ground during part of the surprise attack on July 10, according to The Guardian. Stills released by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Florida authorities are looking for this suspect.
Fox News
The suspect was with a woman at the theatre.
Fox News

Police said the confrontation between the two men began when the victim and his wife saw the suspect and his female companion in the VIP seats they had purchased in advance before coming to the AMC Pompano theater.

When the victim asked the couple to “politely,” witnesses told investigators the alleged perpetrator “became hostile” before standing up and “forcefully attacking the victim’s face,” the sheriff’s office said.

Footage from authorities showed the suspect inches away from the victim’s face before the suspect turned physical.

The victim pushed the suspect slightly away, which resulted in him shooting the victim who had stumbled down a flight of stairs beside the stage.

The photos were taken as the pair left the stage.
Fox News
The attack was recorded on tape.
Fox News

As soon as the suspect reached the ground, police said, he began throwing haymakers at the victim’s face while others in theaters rushed to stop the attack.

The 63-year-old man sustained facial and head injuries and required treatment at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, authorities said, the suspect fled the theater with the unidentified woman.

In an effort to find the suspect, the sheriff’s office released photos of the couple as they exited the theater.

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