Charging bison lifts another bison off the ground, propels them nearly 40 feet into Yellowstone

We are now in the middle of the bison mating season, which runs from mid-July to the end of August, and the male bison are getting more excited and aggressive.

If you don’t know what an aggressive male bison looks like, you’re about to find out thanks to this video shared by Yellowstone National Park. With bison being the largest mammals in North America, seeing one lift the other is quite impressive.

The entire male bison is 6 feet tall (actually likely 5’11 and is only rounded) and weighs about 2,000 pounds, which if you didn’t know, is a whole ton. So when these one-ton beasts go at each other, it really is a heavyweight match.

Two hunting each other is more likely to occur during mating season, while male bison want to show their female counterparts that they are “tough enough” and deserving of a romantic partner.

There’s no telling what kind of beef these two bulls had with each other, but the shipper clearly set the tone and seemed to put the other in his place (who appears 40 feet away from the rest of the herd).

The bison that had been lifted into the air and pushed out of the way did their best to prepare for the attack, and they really didn’t have enough time to figure out a defense plan. The other male bison seemed to attack “on a whim,” as he turned and lunged at full force in one direction down the road.

Amazingly, the attacking bison somehow uses its strength and power to lift the other one-ton behemoth off the ground, across the road, and into the dirt. While the aggressive bison literally put the other bison in their place, it also put him in the “friend zone” with every female bison in the herd.

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The thing was embarrassed, and it would take some time for the temporarily flown bison to regain its position in the hierarchy of the bison group.

Yellowstone National Park Share the video of the fight, explaining why it happened and using it as an example of why people shouldn’t go near them (because they have to do it every day).

The caption says:

“Bison mating season is still going on in the park. Male bison are particularly aggressive right now, although all types of bison and other wildlife can be dangerous.

Remember to always keep a distance: 25 yards from bison and elk; 100 yards from all other wild animals.”

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