TV News Anchor Barbie Bassett Removed After Reporting Snoop Dogg On Air – Deadline

There has been no sign of a Mississippi morning news anchor since she uttered the phrase Snoop Dogg on air earlier this month.

Barbie Bassett hasn’t appeared on the air for NBC affiliate WLBT since March 8, when her team was discussing adding the rapper to its wine line.

“Fo shizzle, my nizzle,” said Bassett when the idea of ​​Snoop collaborating with a newsroom journalist was raised. (“Nizzle” is slang for the N-word.)

The station’s chief meteorologist and anchor, Bassett, had previously caused controversy with a comment, referring to the “grandfather” of a black on-air reporter. I later apologized.

It is no longer listed on the station’s website, according to Clarion Ledger. And Bassett hasn’t shared anything on Twitter since the same day — her silence including this weekend when a deadly tornado slammed into Mississippi sparked huge chatter among meteorologists.

the New York Post He reports the story but has not received comment from Bassett, WLBT or Snoop Dogg. It quoted the station’s regional vice president, Ted Fortenberry, as saying:

As I’m sure you can understand, WLBT is unable to comment on personnel matters.

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