Testimonies of journalists in Gaza: ‘Massacre like no other in thirty years’

Reporters Without Borders has already sent several files to the International Criminal Court. It is the third complaint since 2018 for war crimes against Palestinian journalists in Gaza, and against an Israeli journalist killed and injured in the course of their duties. The organization has issued a warning From November a “Press suppression in Gaza”.

Of the ten journalists killed between November 18 and 20, at least three were killed during or because of their duties. On November 18, the director of the Palestinian Online News Agency Good news, Hassouna slime, and freelance photojournalist Sari Mansoor They were killed in an Israeli attack on the Buraj refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. According to RSF, the two journalists received death threats online 24 hours earlier for reasons related to their work.“, we may read RSF website.

As for Nasser Abu Baker, there is no doubt that journalists were specifically targeted in many cases. Buildings of Western news agencies, including Reuters and AFP, were bombed; 22 local radio stations were destroyed, he lists.

When we say these attacks are legitimate, we have evidence. Yesterday (last Tuesday, editor’s note), the occupiers called my deputy in the Gaza Strip and threatened: if he stays in his house, he will be targeted. Before targeting the home of Al Jazeera reporter Wael El Dahdouh and killing his family, soldiers called his daughter. An Israeli army spokesman told Reuters and AFP reporters that they were not responsible for the journalists’ lives.

Note that several investigations by NGOs, but also by journalistic organizations (Reuters and AFP) raise the question of the deliberate targeting of journalists by the Israeli military: On October 14, the Lebanese journalist Issam Abdallah, working Reuters said a succession of two strikes, 37 seconds apart, showed they were on target, citing experts interviewed by AFP and Airwars. Journalists were also clearly identifiable.

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The 37-year-old journalist was killed near the Israeli border while working with six other journalists. Two Reuters colleagues, two journalists from the Al Jazeera channel and two from AFP were injured, including photographer Cristina Asi, 28, who was seriously injured and remains in hospital after having her right leg amputated.

An investigation by the Reuters agency concluded that an Israeli tank was involved in the fire.

Two other investigations, carried out separately by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International, were consulted by AFP before they were published.Israeli attacks“.

HRW condemns”“Intentional attack on civilians” WHO “To be prosecuted or prosecuted for war crimes“.

For forgiveness, “It could be a direct attack on civilians, which should be investigated as a war crime“.

The Israeli military did not respond to AFP’s questions about the results of the joint investigation with AirWars.

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