All the countries of Europe are in red … except one!

The ECDC map reflects the incidence rate of corona virus over the past fourteen days (number of infections per 100,000 citizens) and the positive rate of Govt tests. The Iberian Peninsula, like Greece and most of its islands, is completely dark red, with an incidence of over 500 and a positive ratio of over 4%.

Unlike previous weeks, Italy no longer offers the slightest bit of yellow. The country is covered in red. To the south of the opening, seven areas, including Sicily and Sardinia, are pale red (ratio between 200 and 499).

On the European continent, with the exception of its capital Bucharest, only Romania has a predominantly yellow and green face. French foreign regions such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and Saint-Martin are still yellow.

Belgium has been in dark red since November 4th.

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