According to Harvard University, here are 3 habits you should practice every day to be successful in life

Some time ago Harvard University revealed to us what is the best sport to get a flat stomach or good habits to follow to be happy. Today, the prestigious company gives us the keys to success in life. According to a Business Insider report reported by GQ Mexico, the Harvard University routine is based on three principles known as timeboxing: “reloading” your brain, establishing priorities and planning your day.

What is this bad habit to stop feeling tired all day? Answer in pictures:

What are the 3 steps to follow?

So the first step is to “download” your brain. Behind this funny expression hides a very simple principle. Here, the goal is to think about the ideas or plans you establish for the day, such as resolutions, plans, etc. In short, set yourself achievable goals for the day. So at the risk of disappointment, don’t ask for the moon without a sense of accomplishment.

The second step is to review all the plans and other commitments your brain has “downloaded”. From there, try to prioritize them. You will eventually complete each of these goals until you reach the last item on your list. You can write down your intentions for the day on a piece of paper or a note on your mobile phone to help you visualize everything you need to do. You will never forget your task for the day.

The third and final step is to plan how you will achieve your daily goals. To do this, you need to divide your day into different time frames throughout the day. For example, you can say to yourself: “I will leave X minutes to complete this task”, “I will leave an hour for this other task”, etc. It may be related to professional, sports or domestic activities.

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A solution to procrastination

This method, proposed by Harvard University, helps to set goals, but above all helps to stick to them. Recommended method for people who have a bad habit of procrastinating and postponing everything they want to do. This technique prevents you from getting distracted by tasks that need to be done. As a result, you will get the feeling in the system to achieve your daily objectives. Be careful not to aim too high and don’t impose too ambitious tasks. It is better to start slowly.

As you go, you’ll be better organized. Last tip, don’t forget to be flexible, add tasks during the day. It’s up to you to connect them to you A to-do list for the day and decide whether or not they have priority over those already on the agenda.

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