“Zombie drug” users in Normandy?

It is a scourge in America that will come to Europe: ““Zombie Medicine”. The online media “Serfia” reported this Monday the presence of people on the streets of Rouen (Normandy) under the influence of “zombie drugs”.

On his X account, he posts two videos purportedly showing people under the influence of the drug, which is often mixed with xylazine, animal tranquilizer, fentanyl, or other substances such as heroin and methamphetamine. “Several cases of similar “zombie drugs” have been registered in Rouen in recent days. In a post since deleted, according to witnesses, the media reported.

For the first video, the images show a woman and a man struggling to walk with their hands and head moving, and two men struggling to stand upright on a subway train, one of whom goes limp and falls to the ground. They have been viewed over 3 million times.

“Zombie drugs” are a concern but “at this stage, we have no indication of their presence in Belgium”

The pictures were actually taken in the Rouen area, Liberation confirms. The first video was broadcast for the first time on Twitter on August 24, and we recognize the city of Darnett. But according to an investigation by French media, the man and woman were known to local traders and had nothing to do with “zombie drugs”. They are disabled, a mother and her son.

About the second video taken in the metro, the author explains liberation, both may have been drunk. One of them had a bottle of wine.

Several actors in the region (police, associations, provincial council, etc.) confirm that no traces of this type of drug have been detected.

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