Zhelensky invites Macron to go to Ukraine to see if there is “genocide”, “I hope he sees, he understands”

“About Emmanuel, I talked to him,” President Zhelensky told the US channel CNN on Friday in an interview. To illustrate the French leader’s refusal to condemn a “genocide” in Ukraine, unlike US President Joe Biden, he said, “I think he wants to make sure Russia engages in a dialogue.”

The Ukrainian president initially considered the denial “very hurtful” on Wednesday.

“I told him he should understand that this is not a war, this is genocide. I invited him to come when he had the chance,” Volodymyr Zhelensky told CNN. ⁇

Amid a campaign for re-election in France next Sunday, Emmanuel Macron on Thursday explained that the word “genocide” should be “qualified by lawyers, not by politicians” and “should enter.” ‘Verbal increase’ does not help ‘Ukraine’.

In his interview broadcast on Sunday, he said he would like Ukrainian President Joe Biden to come to Ukraine, which surprised him this week by saying that Russian forces were committing “genocide”.

“I think he will come,” he said. “But I think he’s the leader of the United States, and for that he must come and see. ⁇

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“We are delighted to see him in our country and it will be an important message of support for us,” Dmitry Kuleba, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, told another US channel, CBS, on Sunday.

According to him, the “personal meeting between the two presidents” will lead to a new transfer of US weapons to Ukraine and discussions on a possible political solution to the conflict.

The US government is considering sending an ambassador to kyiv, but the White House has so far rejected the president’s high – risk visit.

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