Dave lost both his legs and saved the lives of his three children

For reasons still unknown to the general public, the family was hit by a snow blower on their way to a ski school. Dave then puts his body in protest to protect his children. Dave spent more than an hour in the machine until rescuers freed him and took him to the hospital. Little Isla, 3, was still injured by the machine.

It was Dave’s wife who raised the alarm, and her husband was trapped and well aware of the entire accident.

Dave is now a double amputee above the left knee and below the right knee. He broke two femurs, a hip, several vertebrae and three ribs. He underwent 10 different surgeries in three weeks and is yet to undergo many surgeries. In the call for donations, his family notes that Dave still retains his dark sense of humor.

Little Isla suffers from two leg and hip fractures, among other injuries. She had to undergo three surgeries and could have done more. However, thanks to her father’s sacrifice, the girl should make a full recovery.

Dave’s trial is far from over. Dismembered, the man is still for a moment in the hospitals corridor. Relatives of the family rallied to raise funds Funding for care: $90,000 already raised. “Despite it all, Claire and Dave have shown strength and resilience beyond belief. The family look to the future with determination and positivity. We are all shocked by this news and want to support them as much as we can during these difficult times.”said the brave father’s friend.

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