Zendaya reflects on her 2022 Louvre visit with Tom Holland

Image: Mondadori Wallet/Mondadori Wallet via Getty Images

For most people, being photographed by dozens of strangers while trying to just walk through the museum would be uncomfortable and stressful, if not annoying. But for Zendaya, it's just part of life. The actress – who is the cover star of both American Vogue magazine And British Vogue magazine's May Issues – Reminders Its notorious An October 2022 trip to the Louvre with her boyfriend, Tom Holland, saying that on that particular day she felt like a piece of art.

“You just get used to the fact that, Oh, I'm also one of those pieces of art you'll take a picture of. “I have to be completely calm and live my life,” she said.

When Zendaya and Hollande visited the Louvre in the fall of 2022, photos surfaced of them waiting in line, walking side-by-side, and standing in front of the museum. Mona Lisa It spread instantly. It turns out the romantic date almost didn't happen. Zendaya said Vogue magazine The couple had already been advised not to go to the Louvre because their presence might make the already crowded place even more chaotic. But they decided to go anyway, and at the end of the day, they were able to stay after closing hours, which Zendaya described as “one of the most amazing experiences ever.”

Zendaya is currently promoting her upcoming movie, united, While Holland prepares to return to the stage in the already sold-out London production Romeo and Juliet this summer. Zendaya said Vogue magazine They plan to watch the play as much as possible. Who do you know? Maybe they'll have time to visit a museum in London too.

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