‘You must stop lying immediately’: Wagner boss slams Russian military over Bachmouth again

Yevgeny Prigozhin said in a video released by his service that he “managed to escape very easily from the units of the Ministry of Defense” in Baghmouth, which were recently held by regular units of the Russian army. Press in Telegram.

According to him, Ukrainian forces regained control of a tank north of the city at the heart of the fighting in eastern Ukraine and took up positions on strategic heights overlooking it.

He also said soldiers from Kiev had retaken the route to Chasiv Yar in the west, which had been blocked by the Russian army for weeks.

Mr. Prigogine’s statements could not be independently verified.

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Ukraine said on Friday it had retaken up to two kilometers from the Russians around Bagmouth.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that it had repelled 26 Ukrainian offensives along a 95-kilometer front in the Solidar sector north of Bagmouth. “No advance in defense of Russian forces is allowed,” he assured.

Nevertheless, the Russian ministry announced on Friday that it would “strengthen the stability of security” in the area of ​​the “Berkivske Reservoir”, north of Bagmouth, which was interpreted by observers as an acknowledgment of the setback.

“Efforts of the Ministry of Defense in the information sector to dilute the situation will lead to a global tragedy for Russia,” Prigozhin said on Friday. He said that lying should be stopped immediately.

Mr. According to Prigozhin, a further advance in this direction by the Ukrainian army would allow Wagner’s men to be encircled at Bachmouth, which is currently 90% in Russian hands.

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“Capturing Bagmouth will bring nothing to Russia, because the flanks are collapsing and the front is collapsing,” said Mr. Prigozhin warned further.

Wagner’s boss, in apparent defiance of the Russian military line, reiterated that he would not get enough ammunition for his men, while only about twenty buildings were under Ukrainian control inside Bagmouth.

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