Will Maddie McCann recover from her disappearance? “I do not want to deny” would have gotten an “object” belonging to the little girl.

According to the British news channel SkyNews, Christian Bruckner claims to have had sex with a woman he took to the airport the next day.

The 44-year-old German said police detained and photographed him on his way to the Farrow airport. He said the woman was later arrested at the airport for possession of pepper spray. For that she had to go to court, Brookner said.

According to SkyNews, the man initially could not remember the woman’s full name, but is now able to identify her. The German lawyer involved in the investigation told the channel that Bruckner had not yet shared his alibi with investigators.

Sky News reports that German police have found a picture of a woman in Bruckner’s Camper van, where the suspect said they had sex. The photo was discovered as part of a rape investigation. The man was sentenced to seven years in prison in Germany three years ago.

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An object ”

However, at the same time, the British press is bringing a statement against these elements. According to journalist Sandra Felguero, an “object” belonging to Maddie McCann was found in the German suspect’s van. However, this is exactly what a police force would have reported to him.

In a documentary released last night, German lawyer Hans Christian Walters declined to comment on the new information. “Is it true you found something that belongs to Madeleine in the Christian Bean trailer?” Asks the journalist. “I can not comment on the details of the trial”, begins by responding to the lawyer before being revived by Sandra Felguero. “But you can’t deny that, can you?” “.

To this last question, Hans Christian Walters would be satisfied after a few minutes that “the suspect has not yet been notified” (declaring after a few minutes that he “does not want to deny it” because the law prohibits German law.

According to the Sun, The “object” found would be fibers from Maddie McCann’s pink pajamas.

Fifteen years later

Madeleine McCann, immediately referred to as “Maddie” by the British press, went missing on May 3, 2007, shortly before her fourth birthday, while vacationing with her family at Priya da Luce, a seaside resort in the Algarve area. .

Her disappearance led to an exceptional international campaign led by her parents who tried to find her. Photos of little Maddie, with her light brown hair and big clear eyes, went around the world.

On April 22, the Portuguese public prosecutor, at the request of a suspect in Germany, announced the indictment within the framework of the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance, without specifying her identity or the nature of the suspicions against her. Cooperation with English and German authorities “.

The reactions AFP gathered from the Brunswick Lawyer’s Office and Christian B ”s lawyer, a serial pedophile who was identified by German investigators as the prime suspect in the murder of a British woman in 2020, are beyond doubt. He also became the N.1 suspect in the Portuguese case.

“We are grateful for the continued work and commitment of the British, Portuguese and German authorities, because it is these concerted police efforts that will bring results and give us these answers,” Maddie’s parents insisted.

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