Former Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault supports the new People’s Front despite “sometimes deep disagreements”.

Jordan Bartella warns that if a relative majority occurs, “we won’t be able to change things.”

A guest of Europe 1 and CNews on Tuesday morning, Jordan Bardella, leader of the National Rally (RN), confirmed that he does not want to be prime minister if the far-right party has only a majority in the National Assembly. .

“If tomorrow, the French put the country in a relative majority situation, that is, in a stalemate situation, with a prime minister who does not have an absolute majority, we will not be able to change things.”He explained saying no “Consider yourself an accomplice of the President of the Republic”. “I like to use power, but I don’t need power for power’s sake”Adds a far-right MEP.

On the program side, the head of the RN returned to program setbacks, particularly on pension reform or the abolition of VAT on basic needs. “The Second Time”He said in an interview to Parisian. “There are emergencies and reforms.”He explained that the move on VAT on Basic Needs will be integrated into the Finance Bill for 2025. “I will inherit a bankrupt financial situation. Therefore, it will be my duty to restore order to the streets of the country, but also to restore order to the government’s accounts.He estimated.

Mr. Bardella also confirmed that if he came to Matignon, his “First Size” Finance Bill Amendment Bill to be submitted “This will lead to reduction of VAT on energy and fuel”. “We have millions of French people who can no longer get around, they are forced to reduce their travel and in the last two years, electricity bills have increased by 45%”, he said. In the scheme of things, it delivers remarkably “lower” France’s contribution to the European Union and what she wants [s’] Interest in tax loopholes is given to very large companies and is not justified considering the social context.

Jordan Bartella also confirmed his interest “audit” Public Accounts, Assessment: “We’re going to find a lot of dead bodies in the closet!” » “Because when we miss a deficit of 0.6 points between December and April, it’s because the government was either amateur in its calculations or knowingly lied”, He charged in line with attacks made minutes earlier by Eric Ciotti.

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