Why the monkey gives cold sweat to health officials

The Govt chapter is not closed when a new virus arrives in Europe. Human-transmitted monkeys are less severe than the “original” smallpox that was eradicated in the 1980s. This does not bother the authorities.

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EThe monkey, which has been spreading in Central and West Africa since the 1970s, has been on the rise for the past fifteen years due to the cessation of the measles vaccine. A disease almost unknown in the West, all of its rare infestations within the UK or US have so far been linked to wild rodents that travel to local areas or are imported from endangered countries.

On the other hand, a first case appeared in the UK on May 7 and many cases were identified in the United States without a history of travel to Europe (France, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Belgium) and Africa. Experts who look at the spread of the disease among humans, especially within the male homosexual community.

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