Russia is threatening to maintain nuclear weapons in the Baltic Sea if Finland and Sweden join NATO.

Former President of the Security Council and current Russian Vice President Dmitry Medvedev says that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia will need to strengthen its land, air and naval forces to restore military balance in the Baltic Sea. He spoke openly about the nuclear threat, saying “there can be no question of non-nuclear status for the Baltic Sea.

There have been references to a part of the Baltic or Baltic Sea for decades in which all countries involved will be banned from possessing nuclear weapons. This will reduce the risk of a nuclear expansion of the conflict between Russia and NATO.

Russia has a large naval port in the Baltic Sea at Kaliningrad, the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet. The second city in the country, St. Petersburg, is located on the Baltic Sea. If Finland and Sweden become members of NATO, the entire Baltic Sea will become NATO inland, except for a portion of the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg and about 120 km of coastline near Kaliningrad.

In Sweden and Finland, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the debate over possible NATO membership is in full swing. In Finland, a result is immediately apparent; According to Swedish media, Sweden wants to apply for membership in the NATO summit in Madrid in June.

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