Who is Imam Hasan Ikusen hiding in Belgium to avoid deportation?

As of Tuesday, the Council of State took the decision to expel Hassan Iguezán. The French government accuses the imam of making speeches “contrary to the values ​​of the republic”. Problem: Pastor not found when he had to return to Morocco.

For AFP, the president of Hauts-de-France, Georges-François Leclerc, had announced that he had fled to Belgium. Only one thing is certain, he was not at home when the police came to pick him up. But who is he really? Answer Components.

Why should he leave the country?

Born in France in 1958, he renounced his French citizenship and adopted exclusively his Moroccan parents when he reached his majority. It was therefore forced to hold residence permits for ten years to stay in France. Last winter, management refused to accept the new title and he received an eviction notice on May 3.

In fact, the man had been publishing “anti-Semitic comments for many years,” the Council of State said. During sermons or broadcast conferences, he also gave lectures on the “inferiority of women and their submission to men”. The French court saw these as overt and intentional acts of discrimination or hatred.

In 2003, he also presented a conference: “Palestine, a Story of Injustice”. He specifically asserted that “Zionists and Hitler have joined forces to promote Jewish settlement in the land of Palestine.” Also, he has raised the question “The reality of terrorist attacks and the rejection of republican laws in favor of Islamic law.”

Active on YouTube

Moroccans living in Lourches, near Valenciennes in the north, infiltrated town halls and formed religious networks. According to some media such as Le Point, he won because of the complacency of the local authorities. One of his sons, Sophian, served as the head of the Coordinating Structure (now disbanded). He was suspected of involvement in several irregularities between 2013 and 2017

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Hassan Ikusen therefore exerted great influence in his society and in some political spheres.

To achieve this, the father of five uses YouTube a lot. His channel has a following of 169,000 people and a Facebook page with 42,000 subscribers. So he is not content with his sermons and conferences to spread his message. In these videos, she would have specifically explained, “Today, it is unfortunate that women consider serving their husbands and children as a punishment, whereas it is a blessing.”

He enshrined bin Laden, the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks, as a “great fighter against the Americans” and “a great defender of Islam.” Because of his declarations, he was issued an S file (meaning wanted person) 19 months ago. Since the 90s, he has also been portrayed as close to the Salafi Brotherhood of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now wanted because of his flight, he faces up to three years in prison for failing to make an arrest.

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