The general outrage in Israel over Lavrov’s view that Hitler was a Jew

The son of a Holocaust survivor, the minister said: “The Nazis persecuted the Jews. Shortly afterwards, the Prime Minister, in person, responded: “These kinds of lies accuse the Jews of committing the most heinous crime in history, a crime committed against the Jews themselves, which frees the oppressors from responsibility for this crime.

Naphtali Bennett reiterated that it was absolutely necessary to stop the use of assassination for political purposes. Many members of the government wanted to condemn the remarks of the Russian diplomat. The leader of the Russian-speaking party “Israel Beiteno” – in French “Israel, our home” – quotes the Minister of Finance: “These are nonsense words that should never be said. I am waiting for clarification and a proper apology.. “It’s a question of who has the strongest words from Telecommunications Minister Joas Hendell “Impressive words aimed at justifying Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine.”

As for the Israeli press, it is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s family-oriented conspiracy theory – condemning it. Thus, Hitler’s father was a servant, the illegitimate son of Anna Schickelgroper and his Jewish boss. But historians have not found traces of Jewish families in the Cross area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAustria, where he lived.

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