WhatsApp posts emoji reactions, bigger files, and huge groups

when Feedback was announced for the first timeMeta said you’ll only be able to use a select few to start with but that support for “all emojis and skin tones” will be added in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, expressed a lot of emotion here.

Feedback is a useful feature, which is why other apps like Slack and Telegram have been around for a while – if you’ve ever wanted to be able to show that a message made you laugh without clogging up your group chat, you now have a way to do it. This will be very important soon, as WhatsApp is also expanding the default maximum size for group chats, going from 256 to 512 (although there are workarounds to hack to bypass the previous limit).

WhatsApp Blog Post It indicates that larger groups are being rolled out “slowly”, while emoji reactions and increased file size limits are now available in the current version of the app. A spokesperson for Meta Visby Bhaupti the edge The company expects to post feedback to everyone within “about a week,” but added that some users already have the feature.

Update May 5, 7:13 PM ET: Added information about how long it will take for emoji reactions to appear.

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