Even if the Colts did playoffs, Carson Wentz might not be back

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It is easy to assume that if the Colts beat Jaguar in Week 18 of the 2021 season and qualified for the playoffs, the Colts would have retained their midfield division. Carson Wentz. It is very likely that this assumption is incorrect.

“I think we’re still having some tough discussions,” GM Chris Ballard said during Wednesday’s visit to #PFTPM. “Just the way we reduced the sprawl, and we knew we needed to make some improvements in that area. The only thing I think is [owner] Jim [Irsay] me and [coach] sincere [Reich] It is when we know something is inappropriate, don’t just try to justify it. Let’s go ahead. We all knew we were going to lay eggs on our faces. It is what it is, but at the end of the day it is about doing the right thing for the organization. I think even if we do end up in qualifying, we’ll have some tough discussions going forward.”

Honesty is amazing and impressive. It speaks to the deeper issues the Colts dealt with in 2021. It also shows a willingness to admit a mistake and move on, rather than double down and possibly make things worse.

It couldn’t have been much worse for the Moults than it was in the loss to Jaguar, a team that didn’t really play anything in the last game of the year.

“I mean, she stung,” Ballard said, “I’m not going to lie to you.” “I went to a dark place too. I’ll tell you what loss does, especially the way it happened. It really makes you take a hard look at everything you’re doing and maybe make some tough decisions that you probably didn’t. So really evaluate everything we’re doing from top to bottom.” It’s a proud group. It’s an organization that prides itself. Owner really wants to win. An organization that wants to win. We think we have a good football team and we need some change and we need some adjustments. We think we were able to do a good job this off season to get us back in the right direction. “.

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It helped you have Matt Ryan Fall into their arms. They didn’t panic, Ballard said, they chose to be patient, and it all worked out. Ryan, the 2016 NFL Player of the Year, could be exactly the team-maker the Colts need. But as for their willingness to move on from Wentz, they won’t be in a position to land Ryan.

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