WhatsApp news plunges Boris Johnson into further turmoil: PM accused of corruption

In these exchanges, which will take place from November 2020, Boris Johnson is being asked to release financial resources for the luxury renovation of his official residence at 10 Downing Street in London. In return, he promises to promote an entrepreneurial project, a big event called “The Great Exhibition 2.0”. A few weeks later, he met with Mr. Brownlow, then Minister of Culture, Oliver Dow, to discuss the project.

Mr Johnson is said to have renovated his official residence at a cost of 11 112,000 (approximately 4 134,000), while British leaders can only receive a maximum of 30 30,000 (,000 36,000) a year. The British Prime Minister asked Mr. Brownlow to lay a foundation for funding the work, but the plan failed.

The question of who paid for this renovation is already under investigation. The Conservative Party has been fined £ 20,000 by the Election Commission of England for improper financial assistance to Mr Brownlow. Boris Johnson has been reprimanded for not getting the WhatsApp messages that came to light during the Election Commission investigation. Their content is more explosive than expected.

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