Presidential election: A new poll puts Macron widely in the lead, with Gemmore lagging behind

The outgoing president, who is not yet officially a candidate for re-election, said he was “very interested” but had 26% voting intentions in the first round, gaining 1 point compared to the previous poll. In December, the company, Marine Le Pen (17%, +1) and Valerie Begresse (16%, =), candidate reshuffle! Eric Gemmore seems to be lagging behind (12%, -2).

On the left, no candidate will reach the 10% mark when it comes to the chance of a joint candidacy proposed by Anne Hidalgo (PS) against the objections of Yannick Jodot (EELV) and Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon (PIA).

Candidate La France insoumise will get 9% of the vote (-1 point) and will be 8% (+1 point) ahead of the environmental rival, ahead of the Socialist candidate (4.5%, -0.5 pt). Communist Fabian Russell (2%, =) and Sovereign Arnaud Monteberg (1%, -1.5 pt).

Christian Thoubra’s outrage at announcing his decision “as a candidate” and announcing his decision “in mid-January” did not change the situation of the Left worldwide, with the former Minister of Justice receiving 3% of the vote. , Thus losing 1.5 points to Anne Hidalgo, 1 point to Yannick Jadot and 0.5 points to Emmanuel Macron.

In the second round, he will win against outgoing President Valerie Beckress (45% against 55%) and Marine Le Pen (58% -42%). However, the hypothesis of a fight against Eric Zemor has not been tested.

Voting intentions do not predict the outcome of the referendum. On the day of the survey they represent the balance of power and dynamics.

From January 5 to 6, 2022, 1,500 people were registered on the electoral roll from the representative model of the French population, aged 18 and over, under the quota system.

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The margin of error is between 0.7 and 3.2 percentage points.

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