What was that bright flash spotted over Alabama last night?

Something unusual was spotted in north Alabama Sunday night.

Storm tracker Drew Richards on X (formerly Twitter) shared a video of a bright object streaking across the sky in north Alabama just after 9:30pm on Sunday:

There was no final ruling on what the body was, but according to information received from… American Meteor Society Meteors can create brief flashes of moving light in the sky as they descend through Earth's atmosphere.

The definition of a fireball, according to the AMS, is “an extremely bright meteor, generally brighter than -4, and about the same size as Venus in the morning or evening sky.”

The AMS keeps a record Fireball reportsAlthough Sunday has not yet been added, there were two separate sightings on March 2. These reports came from Alabama as well as several other southern states.

Meteorites are the smallest members of the solar system, according to the AMS, and range in size from large fragments of asteroids or comets to very small micrometeorites.

It's not a great time of year to spot meteorites, according to the AMS. March is usually the slowest month of the year to spot fireballs in the Northern Hemisphere.

The next meteor shower on the calendar will be the Lyrids, which the AMS calls a “medium-strength shower.” The lyrics will be shown April 14-30.

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