Domestic opening weekend $82.5 million – box office

Legendary Entertainment / Warner Bros. Sand Dunes: Part Two Came up with $82.5 million Opening. It's all thanks to a higher-than-expected Sunday of $21.65 million versus $20.3 million.

I hear advance sales at Imax will remain strong through next weekend as some moviegoers want to avoid the crowds and get the best seats. The Sandworm Saga follows a similar box office pattern Oppenheimer; This film fell -43% in its second weekend for $46.7 million. Odds are that Universal/DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda 4 It wins the weekend with $50 million+, however, so expect a rich second weekend in March. Some sources expressed concern about this Sand Dunes: Part Two It will be front-loaded; This doesn't seem to be the case (knock on wood).

More confidence: Sand Dunes: Part Two It seems to appeal to younger audiences, which is a very good sign that this feature will have legs throughout the spring. The Under 25 group showed up 26% last weekend per Screen Engine/Comscore's PostTrak exits.

Let's not forget repeat productions, either: nearly half of those who saw Denis Villeneuve's sequel this weekend said they would see it again in the theater. And as much Sand dunes 3 It goes: Message to Legendary and Warner Bros., but 81% of PostTrak fans say they want to see a trilogy series.

On a global basis Sand Dunes: Part Two In Imax, it earned $32 million, the seventh-biggest global debut for a large-scale film, behind oppenheimer, And before Avatar: Water Road In similar markets (the James Cameron-directed sequel opened to a $31.8 million global Imax opening).

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