“What They Don't Sail” sounds like the perfect primer for “Endless Ocean.”

If you're looking forward to Nintendo's Endless Ocean: Luminous on May 2, 2024 But don't fancy waiting the better part of a month to play it, you might want to check out What They Don't Know on the Switch eShop, which has just launched $4.99 (Although it's in the US store, it doesn't appear to be available in the EU yet – watch this space.)

The game sees you diving into the depths of the ocean in order to search for a new type of algae that is said to be a powerful alternative energy source. You'll encounter a host of creatures during your travels, both friendly and hostile, while keeping a close eye on your air levels to ensure your survival. With its charming pixel art visuals and relaxing soundtrack, the game really does look like the perfect lead-in to Nintendo's main event next month.

What They Don't Do was created by Team Atlantic, a small group of middle school girls who worked on the project during a three-week “Girls Make Games” summer camp in Durham, North Carolina. After learning how to design and code their own game, the team went on to win the grand prize at GMG's Demo Day competition in 2019. This allowed them to work with professional developers and raise a total of $40,000 on Kickstarter to make their game a reality.

Girls making games Initially launched in 2014 by Leila Shabbir and Ish Seed, it consists of summer camps (in-person and virtual), workshops, and gaming groups to help nurture and inspire the next generation of game developers. The organization's flagship summer camps are open to girls and non-binary children ages 8 to 18 with no prior programming or design experience required. Two upcoming 2024 summer camps will also be held at Crystal Dynamics, the studio best known for its work on Tomb rider Commercial franchise.

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