What does the Starfield Digital Premium Edition get you in addition to the early release date?

Starfield is doing the new age trick “Actually this game comes out 5 days early if you want to pay more” which is a very common trick among big games these days. But in this case, it’s a way for Xbox to get more money out of gamers when most of them will be playing for free (“free”) on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

The regular version of the game is $69 if you buy it direct for Xbox or Steam. But the Premium Digital Edition The one that comes with an impending release date of September 1 instead of September 6 is $99 (technically 8pm on August 31 in the US). And if you want to buy an “upgrade” over the Game Pass itself, that’s $35. I think just getting an extra 5 bucks from you for no reason.

You, of course, do not Just Pay $30-35 for early access. This is actually something of an expansion pass. You also get:

Expanding the Shattered Space story – We have no idea how big this is or how far off its release is, but it’s basically part of the DLC in this pricey pass. However, this says that is Firstly Expanding the story, so there’s more to come that’s not included in the price here.

Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Booster Pack – This sort of pre-order thing is pretty standard on bundles like this. And as “skins” they should not be some kind of powerful set of gear that affects the gameplay.

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Access to the Starfield Digital Artbook and original soundtrack – I think “Access” here is digital, since this is a digital upgrade package.

There is actually an expensive $300 “Constellation” version that comes with the actual Constellation watch, plus all the other stuff. I heard the watch is actually kind of rad, for its value. I think this is sold almost everywhere. Offer limited hours and all that.

Although I am subject to the ban, I can say that I cannot vouch for anything in the digital packages or the collector packages. I don’t have any additional information about expansion. I don’t have those special skins. If you’re someone who’s adept at Bethesda RPGs and plan to play for the long haul, it’s probably worth getting the future expansion on your own with five days of early access. Although as everyone from Pete Hines and Phil Spencer has said, this is a 50, 100 or 200 hour game, and they hope you keep playing it as long as people play something like Skyrim for a decade. So, in the long term, I’m not sure how important five days are.

But yeah, that’s the package. See you in a few days with a review.

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