Final Fantasy Kart racer Chocobo GP has been abandoned on Nintendo Switch

Square Enix is ​​wrapping up support for its kart racer, Chocobo GBon Nintendo Switch, the publisher announced this week. There will be “no more large scale updates”, including new characters or new maps for Chocobo GBSquare Enix said. The publisher has also ended sales of Mythril, the racing game’s premium currency.

Chocobo GB It’s best spent by players with Mythril, because it will become “invalid” on January 6, 2023, Square Enix said in an “important notice” posted on its support site. However, it appears that players will still be able to purchase items as part of the ongoing Season 5 through other means – Chocobo GBTicket and leather based shops. These purchases will include items sold during the first four seasons of the game.

Chocobo GB It itself will still be playable, as indicated by Square Enix. The change does not appear to affect mobile versions of Chocobo GB for Android and iOS devices.

Square Enix quit supporting Chocobo GB It comes only nine months later The game has been launched on Nintendo Switch. The game is the spiritual successor to Chocobo racewhich was released on the original PlayStation in 1999. Chocobo GBThe game’s launch drew criticism aimed at Square Enix, who released the game for $49.99 but Monetize it like a free mobile gamewith a paid season pass and three in-game currencies.

Chocobo GB It lets players race as familiar faces from Final Fantasy (and the Chocobo spinoff games), including Chocobo wearing snowshoes, Cid, Terra Branford, Vivi, and Steiner, as well as summoning Shiva, Titan, Gilgamesh, and Ifrit. Racers can use famous Final Fantasy spells like Aero, Blizzard, Fire and Thunder to battle opponents in races that mirror Nintendo’s Mario Kart series.

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