“We welcomed this family through Christian charity”: Here is the Belgian couple’s shelter where Alex Patty stayed on several occasions.

Montois Frédéric Humpe says he is very excited. Excited to call him”compounds”. But avoid more assertive questions. He admits that he and his Verviers companion, Ingrid, welcomed Alex’s grandmother and grandfather under false names to the former Templar farm of Camps-sur-l’Augly (Aude in France). Renamed Cabania Pays Cathare. “We called him Zach because we didn’t know what his name was.”, testifies the Mayor of Camps-sur-l’Augly.

Aerial view of Camps Sir Ugley village. ©AFP or licensors

The young Brit has been missing since 2017. While his grandmother Susan Carvana was the only one in custody, the patriarch and his mother are suspected of abducting him while on vacation. Alex and his grandmother met in England last Saturday.

For Frédéric Hambye, Ecolo municipal councilor in Mons, “The reception of this family was in a certain sense a matter of Christian charity”.

Christian charity? A fear of secession arises, which is aired by the native villagers. Is it dirty, whether in good faith or simply angered by the influx of new rural people into their region? The owners of the lodge said that in the late fall of 2021, they met Zach, whom Alex called Patty, then with his grandfather and his mother. “He stayed with us more or less for a long time.s” and he “eHe left on several occasions to join his mother in her successive places between Aude and Ariège.”

Le Gite de la Bastide where Alex stayed on many occasions. ©AFP or licensors
Bastide Keat’s dining room. ©AFP or licensors

Finder of young Alex Patty, missing for six years, testifies: “I didn’t believe it at first”

During his stay in this commune of Aude, the owners of the gîte told them “He encouraged learning and studying French” and integrate it into their family life. “In particular, he had a room to himself, unlimited internet access and was completely free to come and go as he pleased.” At the lodge, he worked twenty hours a week to make ends meet.

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Of course, the Hambye-Beauve couple is different, interested in yoga and organics. He ran a lodge in Viroinvale, Belgium before facing bankruptcy. But he rejects the charge that he is a “set up”.Spiritual community” while descending to the base of Bukhara Peak. It is politically correct to avoid uttering the word “section”.

To Ingrid and Frédéric, the press release responded, “The reception of this family is in a certain way a matter of Christian charity”. © DR

Their son Nolan attends a school called “Grains de Wy”.A private and caring schoolAdopting a “Non-Instructional System of Education”. Whether for objective reasons or disdain for difference, this school gathers references to their sectarian aspect. The establishment is a large chalet, not in Massif (35 children enrolled) and equipped with photovoltaic panels. This private associative school requests the support of the Nature&Découvertes Foundation for its workshops organized in the forest or in its permaculture vegetable garden.

Regardless, a more mature Alex Patty ended up saying “no” to all of that. Here he escapes and marks the path to Toulouse, passing through areas inhabited by settled “new arrivals” and mostly children. Some live in yards, cabins, or converted trucks in the woods. It is true that the region has its own unique reputation.

Alex was found by a delivery driver around midnight last Wednesday.

According to the Liberation, Bukhara’s peak has long attracted “zosoteric” people. The “Cosmic Christ” that graced the gallery in December 2012 disappeared during the fictitious but highly publicized anticipation of “the end of the world.” Department, but has business.

And the grandfather of all this? He declared dead, especially Alex. Evidence contradicts this: “He was still at least ten days ago.

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