War in Ukraine: “Zhelensky surprised everyone, he changed completely”

Almost three months after startingRussian invasion of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky continues to assert his status as a warrior. “We will continue to fight, we have no choice (…) I firmly believe that the” dictator “will be defeated”, The President of Ukraine was attacked by video conference at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. While the man now appears to be acknowledged by the international community, some doubted Putin’s ability to lead the opposition when troops invaded Ukrainian territory. “Critics said he would flee first if war broke out, but Zhelensky surprised everyone: he showed courage by staying when he knew he was not safe and his life was in danger,” says Sergei Rodenko. The first biography of the President of Ukraine, a Interview with Morgan.

The first years of the country’s leader Zhelensky did not trust the Ukrainian journalist. Believing that the Ukrainian president “surrounded himself with relatives,” Mr. Rodenko regretted. But war broke out in Ukraine, which, according to him, “completely changed” the former actor. “For three months, he was a completely different person,” he continued with our colleagues from Morgan. “(…) Before the war, he was always seen as an actor. (…) It was always a little too much and dishonest.”

But as the missile rained down on his country, the Ukrainian president appeared to be “renounced from all the arts of theatrical life, tired, shaved, and talking to his comrades with genuine emotion,” the biographer said.

He went so far as to refer to the “three Jelenskies”: the comedian “with often insulting bland jokes, the president-elect in 2019 was” the most unsuccessful in his early days “and the warrior. Image restored.

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