“It’s strange to go from having to work to doing nothing.”

On a Friday in 2014, Neil Trotter’s life changed. That year, Britain won more than 108 million pounds, or 120 million euros, in the EuroMillions. At the time, he became the 4th biggest winner in sports history across the channel.

Eight years later, he returned for this victory that changed everything. But the problems he faced also changed. Because Neal didn’t expect to have a problem with that, admitting he “always knew” he was going to get rich. “I knew I would be a millionaire one day. I somehow knew I would win the lottery,” he told The Sun. The man explains that he had a feeling the day before the draw. “I even told my secretary at work. »

With his winnings pocketed, Neil was able to realize his dreams: buying a house with a lake, devoting himself to his passion for motor racing by buying luxury cars … but he admits that his life was “very boring”. “Going from having to work to not having to work anymore was a strange thing for me to get used to. »

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