War in Ukraine: Zelensky points to West’s responsibility for slowdown in Ukrainian counteroffensive

“If we’re not in the sky, if Russia is, they block us from the sky. They stop our counterattack,” the Ukrainian president declared at a conference in Kiev. He decried the overly complicated and slow processes when it comes to sanctions or arms deliveries from the West.

“The war is diminishing, and we recognize that fact,” he said.

“What’s the next step in the counterattack?” “When stakeholders tell us that, my response is that our actions targeting Russia today will be faster than new sanctions,” he said.

Ukraine continues to complain about the delay in retaliatory measures that slow down the Russian war effort.

Mr. Zelensky underlined again.

“A specific weapon has a specific impact. The more powerful and the longer the range, the faster the counterattack,” he said.

Westerners have provided these types of munitions only in drips and drops, fearing that Kyiv will use them to shell Russian territory, despite its promises, which could lead to an escalation of the war.

Similarly, Ukraine has been complaining for months about delays in negotiations for the delivery of F-16 fighter jets, while the country only has a fleet of small and aging Soviet-era aircraft.

After months of postponement, several dozen of these American planes will be delivered by European countries, but it will be months before they reach the battlefield, especially with delays in crew training.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive launched in June in the east and south is struggling to make headway due to Russian air superiority, but also a complex network of defensive lines consisting of trenches, field mines and anti-tank traps, especially in the south. .

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However, Ukraine hopes to drive a wedge into the Robotyne region in the south after considering the village as strategic. Moscow has not yet acknowledged withdrawing into the area and reports daily fighting in the sector.

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