Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico shot

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Slovak newspaper Denik In reported that Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico had been shot dead. There is no update yet on his condition, but it is said that he was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

The shooting took place in the town of Handlova in the Trencin region, according to local TV station TA3, which also reported that the suspect in the shooting had been arrested.

Witnesses say the shooting came after a government meeting while he was receiving crowds outside. There were 3-4 shots, after which he fell to the ground. One report said he was shot in the chest and abdomen. last He said In the chest and head.

N Magazine spoke to two people who were near Robert Fico when he was shot. “I was just going to shake his hand,” one man said. Another eyewitness, who did not want to give her name, said: “When the gunfire rang out, I was almost deaf. I heard three or four shots. She saw Fico fall to the ground in front of her and says she noticed bloody wounds on his chest and head. He cannot say how serious it was.”

a video Immediately after the attack, it appears that his bodyguards lifted him and placed him in a car while the suspect was surrounded.

Scene shot by Robert Fico

There is no information on the motive, but Fico has been controversial in Europe for his soft support for Ukraine, saying that the only way to end the war was for Ukraine to give up some of its territory. He also opposes Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

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Fico took power last October and stopped government military aid to Kiev and opened channels of communication with Russia.

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