War in Ukraine: Why are Russian forces intensifying their attacks on the small industrial town of Avdiivka?

According to him, Russian forces conducted almost 20 airstrikes, fired four missiles and more than 1,000 artillery shells and carried out 56 wave attacks on Ukrainian positions. However, Ukrainian forces “Avdivka firmly held the line in the front line“, could not be independently verified by RTBF and AFP.

Moscow has given few details about the offensive, which has been going on for almost two months, while Kyiv has indicated that it is inflicting significant losses on the enemy. Meanwhile, people toast. Only 1,350 would remain in the city, compared to 30,000 before the war. “A lot of blasting, but we’re used to it. Our buildings have no foundations. We live in an apartment. Our windows are broken every day and every day we fix them with what we have“, testifies a resident, Raita.

There is only one medical center in the area. Vitaliy, his chief physician, asserts: “We don’t have enough qualified staff, surgeons, trauma doctors. We are getting here at our stabilization point, but when the wounded come in large numbers, the work becomes more intense. All employees are involved“.

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