War in Ukraine: “We should expect more and more precise and destructive attacks from Russia”

If British intelligence is true, the researcher suggests that Russia is seeking to increase the production rate of guided bombs and to bring together well-trained, experienced pilots to gain an advantage in the air. Free. “This means that the Russian command knows that the air force is not operational.He assures.

Indeed, the Russian Air Force faces several weaknesses: the state of its equipment and the training of its pilots. “Until now, Russia has used relatively few guided missiles. Rather softer, less accurate bombs, in flight conditions made difficult by Ukrainian defenses”, Details of Expert in International Politics. Although this tends to change: Ukrainians get “According to Ukraine, more and more Russian guided missiles are in the picture. He mentions. “In NATO, the standard for a well-trained pilot is 180 flight hours per year. On the Russian side, on the other hand, we have less than 100 flight hours of annual training., he continues. Russian command in particular tends to give more difficult missions to more experienced pilots, so they are more likely to disappear from the task force. It loses an army of trainers.

“Russia is cannibalizing its planes, and this time, it’s working”: Russian aviation’s surprising resistance

It is related to the Russian space doctrine, which is “Aviation as a supporting force to the ground forces Contrary to Western thinking, the air force determines the success of a military operation. Moreover, the senior officers of the Russian army are almost all from the ground forces. This explains why aviation has been put on the back burner since the launch of Putin’s ‘special military operation’.Samuel Longuet reports.

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Wind stop

However, Russia is technologically superior to Ukraine in airspace. “Ukraine does not compete with Russia in the air, but manages to neutralize it”, refers to Samuel Longuet. For months, we’ve seen a stalemate, with neither side able to fly over the other’s airspace, with persistent Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses forcing Russian planes to bomb at low altitudes, providing limited accuracy. Hence Zelensky’s demand for F-16 fighter jets from the West. President of Ukraine”I want to be a complement in the air to its anti-aircraft defense on the ground”.

On the Washington side, there are concerns about the level of weapons stockpiles of the Ukrainian armed forces. According to one of the notes in it Leaked Pentagon Papers, there Russian bombing campaign against Ukrainian energy infrastructure Over the past six months, the Russian Air Force has aimed to reduce the stockpile of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles, which may later give some leeway”, The expert says.

Supplying Ukraine with F-16s would allow “a major increase in leverage” against the Russians

Is the Strom strategy effective? The next few weeks will tell. In general, there is a Russian preference for using highly guided bombs, which would allow missiles to be dropped from higher altitudes and thus further from Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses. “Expect increasingly precise and destructive attacks from Russia”, says Samuel Longuet.

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