War in Ukraine: US warns against Russia’s use of weapons of mass destruction

Washington accuses Moscow and Beijing of spreading “lies” about US biological and chemical weapons laboratories in Ukraine, saying Russia is afraid to seek out such banned weapons instead.

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I“The Kremlin is deliberately spreading blatant lies that the United States and Ukraine are pursuing chemical and biological weapons activities in Ukraine,” US State Department spokesman Nate Price said in a statement. “We have seen the authorities in the People’s Republic of China adhere to these conspiracy theories,” he added. “This is not the first time Russia has made such false allegations against another country,” he said, assuring that “they have been confirmed and confirmed on several occasions.”

Questioned during a parliamentary hearing on Tuesday, Victoria Nuland, the third largest figure in US diplomacy, confirmed that there were “biological research facilities” in Ukraine. “Indeed, we are now very concerned about the possibility of Russian forces trying to control it,” he added, confirming that we are working with the Ukrainians to prevent these sensitive items from “falling into the hands” of Moscow.

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Republican Senator Marco Rubio pointed out that the “Russian campaign” was said to be a “Ukrainian” plan aimed at using biological weapons in the country in coordination with NATO. Victoria Nuland responded, “It is a classic Russian technique to blame others for what they plan to do to themselves.

On Wednesday, the White House went further. “Now that Russia has made its false accusations and China seems to accept this propaganda, we must monitor Russia’s use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine,” its spokesman Zhen Zaki warned on Twitter. He reaffirmed that the United States “fully” respects international texts on these banned weapons, and supports the Syrian regime, which, unlike Russia, accuses Westerners of “poisoning” its enemies and “repeatedly using chemical weapons.”

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