Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will take control of Gaza’s security after the war

Israel’s prime minister again ruled out the possibility of a ceasefire in Gaza, which the UN says has become a “graveyard for children”, and pledged to accept “common responsibility for security” there after the war, which enters its second month on Tuesday. .


There will be no ceasefire, no general ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages.“Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised interview with the American channel ABC News on Monday evening, and he also confirmed it.Israel will assume “overall responsibility for security” in the Palestinian territories after the war..

because “When we don’t have this responsibility for security, we see the explosion of Hamas terrorism“, he added.

Earlier, Osama Hamdan, a senior official of the Palestinian Islamic Movement in Lebanon, confirmed that Hamas would remain in Gaza and would not accept a “Vichy government” in the region it has controlled since 2007, citing the French cooperation regime. Under Nazi occupation during World War II.

Mr Netanyahu’s comments at the UN Antonio Guterres has called for a “humanitarian ceasefire” that is “more urgent every hour” in the tiny Palestinian territory, which has been turned into a “cemetery for children”.

Gaza’s nightmare is more than a humanitarian crisis, it is a crisis of humanity“, he lamented.

For Palestinian Red Crescent President Younis al-Khatib, “Every day we see crimes against humanity. Thousands of civilians have been killed (…) our men have been killed. Our volunteers were killed“.

10,022 Palestinians were killed

The Defense Ministry said 10,022 people, mostly civilians, including more than 4,000 children, were killed in Israeli airstrikes against the Palestinian territory in retaliation for an October 7 attack by Hamas on its soil.

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On October 7 he reiterated his condemnation of Hamas’ “heinous acts of terrorism”. And “the Palestinian movement uses civilians as human shields and continues to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israel,” Mr.

According to officials, more than 1,400 people died in Israel, mostly civilians, on the day of the Hamas attack, the worst in the country’s history. The Palestinian Islamic Movement has taken more than 240 hostages to Gaza.

The White House announced that President Joe Biden had spoken with Mr Netanyahu “The possibility of tactical breakdowns (Combat) Providing opportunities for civilians to safely leave war zones, ensuring access to civilians in need and enabling the possibility of hostage release.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli military announced it was intensifying its bombing campaign, which would last “several days” while its soldiers have been operating in parallel on the ground since October 27.

It was like a million earthquakes combined… We had no warning, nothing, and suddenly we were surprised by missiles falling on our heads, non-stop.“, Saad Abu Sariya said after the attacks on Rafah (South).

Gaza was surrounded

In the north of the territory, where Gaza City is located, Hamas’ “heartland” according to Israel is currently surrounded and the most intense ground fighting is taking place. The army says it has cut the territory in two between north and south.

Near the border with Gaza, young Israeli soldiers don’t hide their fear and express their “pride” in serving their country.

According to the army, at least 30 Israeli soldiers have been killed since October 27.

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1,400 candles were lit in front of the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site in Jerusalem, in front of families of those killed in the Hamas attack on Monday.

There is no other way to pay tribute to them than to light a candle and carry it on your chest and pray.“, says 26-year-old Yossi Rivlin, who lost two brothers killed at the Noah rave party.

In New York, a few hundred progressive American Jewish activists peacefully occupied the Statue of Liberty in New York on Monday to demand a cease-fire from Israel and an end to the “genocidal bombing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.”


Inadequate humanitarian assistance

Israeli bombings have a severe impact on 2.4 million Palestinians, trapped in 362 km2 of land and deprived of water, electricity and food supplies due to the Israeli-imposed blockade since 9 October. They put 1.5 million people on the roads, according to the UN.

Mr. Guterres expressed regret on Monday.. With 569 trucks since October 21, “There is no drop of help in front of the ocean of need“.

The Gaza Strip, which Israel withdrew in 2005 after a 38-year occupation, has already been under Israeli siege since Hamas, designated a terrorist organization by the United States, came to power in 2007. The European Union and Israel.

On Monday, an unknown number of wounded and dual nationals were able to cross into Egypt via Rafah, an official said, marking the resumption of evacuations that began last week after a two-day suspension.

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