War in Ukraine: Updated January 9

An Orthodox Christmas truce resumed in Ukraine on Sunday without being confirmed by Vladimir Putin, after which Moscow killed hundreds in a single strike it said was revenge for its losses, which Kiev immediately denied.

In the Sumy region of northeastern Ukraine alone, the local administration reported more than a hundred bombings and strikes during the day and evening on Sunday.

The Russian army carried out 144 attacks during the day“, especially in the regions of Esmansk, Novoslobit, Myrobyl, Filopol and Khotyn”.Under fire“, wrote the head of the regional administration Dmytro Shivitsky on the social network Telegram.

In Esmansk in particular, the Russian army attacked with mortars, Grad multiple rocket launchers and heavy artillery, destroying four houses, a school and a communal hall.

However, according to the same source, there was no loss of life in the area.

This is the week of all the dangers ahead for Russians and Ukrainians. It is no coincidence that Putin tried to make a ceasefire a little earlier and was very “quietly” prepared for it.

In a week, the night temperature will drop drastically, dropping to minus 15-17 degrees. The slush then turns, almost permanently, into an icy pile. These extreme frosts are especially dangerous for heavy equipment, meaning it’s easy to move around.

More details and information in our live dedicated to this 318th day below:

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