A 13-year-old girl killed her father and seriously injured her mother and younger sister in Fabrex.

One can only imagine the shock and horror that befell Fabrègues, a small town of 7,000 souls near Montpellier in the Hérault. On Sunday, March 13, two teenagers, ages 13 and 14, were horrified by the attack on the family of one of them. The play told by Midi Libre is terrible. After an argument with the mother about the foods, the two teenagers decided to take action.

They split a pair of scissors and wanted to attack the three little sisters first. One of them sustained serious back injuries. The sound of crying alerted the parents. Their daughter threw herself on them, killed the father and severely wounded his mother.

The two 4th graders took refuge there with the other young woman’s family before being arrested. They were taken into police custody and later charged with murder, attempted murder and complicity. They were placed under a warrant, which is an exceptional decision considering their age.

But what triggered this homicide? According to a psychiatrist interviewed by our colleagues at Midi Libre, the two young men were inspired for years by “creepy pasta”. These horror stories are spread on the internet through stories, pictures, videos or sounds. “It’s an event of influence created on these teenagers who somehow get caught up in the imagery and fall under the influence of a virtual character,” explains Dr. Claude Aigues.

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An event that in some cases goes a long way. “They are inspired by a fictional character, first an incarnation, then he doubles, then acts as a minor, develops into a psychiatrist without the ability to self-criticize. Montpellier is also an expert on the Court of Appeal. , No sense of criticism, and alienated from these wonderful characters.

Two young women, for example, triggered the myth of the “thin man” in police custody, a kind of humanoid monster with very long arms and a face devoid of child – carrying features. They also said they intended to attack students who made fun of them.

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