War in Ukraine: Updated January 2

We are preparing for another massive Russian attack. No one knows for sure except the Russian leadership, but the Federation may attack Ukraine on Christmas Eve and Christmas, which some Ukrainians celebrate on January 7. Preparing for another massive attack. We are waiting and preparing. We see three consecutive days of attacks (editor’s note: attacks). We still don’t know what they have planned. We have to be ready, people have to be ready,” he said Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesman Yuriy Ignat told Ukrainian media,

Words that remind me of a few weeks ago, before the holidays, a little more. It didn’t happen every time. But this constant vigilance is part of the Ukrainian strategy, which is to fight and not surprise the invader.

On the ground, the year began and continued under bombs for residents of Kiev and Ukraine in general In blood for Putin’s armed forces. At least 400 Russian soldiers, mostly from Saratoga, were reportedly killed and others wounded in an attack launched by Kuev forces early yesterday. The target, Russian “military houses” were installed in 19 buildings of the Technical University of the Ukrainian city of Makiivka in the occupied area of ​​Donetsk. Another building, this time in Pervomaysk, about 30 km east of Bagmut, was also reportedly destroyed. About 70 Wagner private militia mercenaries are said to have been killed in the attack. In total, several hundred victims must be grieved, Ukrainians speak of at least 400 victims or more. These buildings usually house up to 600 soldiers. Unverifiable but estimateable figures based on troop movements recorded in earlier days around these buildings. On their side, theMoscow officials were content to mourn his 63 victims and point out that the attacks were carried out using HIMARS, a rocket launcher system provided to Zelensky’s military by the United States.

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Yesterday, Sunday, the first day of the year, it didn’t take long for Kyiv to be the target of renewed strikes from Moscow. A New Year’s Day marked by dozens of Russian strikes left at least four dead and 50 injured. Seven other regions were also targeted.

This Monday, the cities of Kiev, Dnipro and Zaporizhia were also bombed by Kremlin forces. Another Russian base in Melitopol, occupied Ukrainian territory, is home to President Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechen militia. Kadyrovtsy was targeted by Ukrainian forces on Monday morning. Facts implicitly recognized by Wagner fighters in various posts on the Telegram paying tribute to their comrades, “They were brutally murdered in their sleep“.

For its part, the European Union announcedUkrainian players began their training in several member states of the European Union. The head of the EU delegation in Ukraine, Matti Masikas, told this in an interview with our colleagues from Ukrinform. The military training mission for Ukraine, Eumam, will train 15,000 Ukrainian military personnel in various locations on the territory of EU member states.

And then there is this information, which has gone unnoticed by us, to tell the truth, in Russia, or nearly so. The number of people targeted by the two new “tailor-made” laws is small considering Putin’s country has a population of 143.4 million. These laws, ostensibly repressive, actually target two specific categories of people. The first is “foreign agents” or those under foreign influence and the second is the LGBTQIA+ community.

Both laws criminalize any “contacts” that conflict with authority and affect the integrity, including the morals, of Russians and Russia. For the LGBTQ+ community, “any propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” is considered subversive and will be prosecuted. Clearly, don’t appear, don’t talk about it, don’t exist. The same goes for those affected by the Western vision of “special action”. No, it’s not yet a war. At least for the Kremlin.

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More details and information below in our live dedicated to this 313th day of war in Ukraine:

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