War in Ukraine: “Ukrainian soldiers are worried. The situation has completely changed.”

In the face of Russian advances in the region, a journalist on the ground sounds the alarm. “Today, the Ukrainians have to face slightly better-trained Russian units than they faced Wagner’s men, even if the Russians still make big mistakes today,” explains Arnaud de Decker in De Morgan’s columns. “The Ukrainian army can continue to take out dozens of tanks or other vehicles. The question is how long she can do it, especially now that attention is waning.

Busy asserting their support for Ukraine, Europeans criticize Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin meeting

Ukrainian soldiers are worried

For several days, the man has seen his colleagues leave the area to go to Israel, where tensions continue to rise. “I understand, but Ukraine is a bit isolated. This war is particularly brutal. Dozens of civilians are still dying every day. But a kind of habit has set in.”

The journalist fears that apathy towards Ukraine will lead to a decline in Western support. “This is what worries the soldiers,” he adds in de Morgan. “Because if Russia continues to advance, like Avdiivka, it will win sooner than expected.”

Finally, the reporter postulates that “the Ukrainian counteroffensive failed.” So he somewhat undercuts Volodymyr Zelensky’s ambitions. In September, the Ukrainian president announced that “all of Ukraine will be liberated,” seeing his country regaining control of Crimea in the near future. “When I asked the soldiers at the end of August if it was possible to liberate Crimea this year, the answer was consistently positive. Since the end of September, the situation has completely changed. They no longer believe. They would already be happy if they could get Bagmuth back,” he concludes.

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“Europeans Throw Themselves Upside Down in Vladimir Putin’s Trap”

Towards questioning support for Ukraine?

Kris Quanten, a professor of military history at the Royal Military Academy (ERM), also reported to La Libre that the conflict in the Middle East is impacting the Ukrainian front: “This shift of international attention to the Middle East has political consequences and may reduce long-term support for Ukraine. Many countries and political parties are beginning to question the advisability of maintaining unconditional support for Ukraine.

If the expert noted the decrease in arms supply, he for his part did not consider that this was a concern for Zelensky’s country. “This does not mean the surgery will fail,” he clarified.

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